Canadian Numbers

Province Product Number
Alberta Fittings OA11770.5
  Flanges OB11769.5
Saskatchewan Fittings OA11770.56
  Flanges OB11769.5
Manitoba Fittings OA11770.56
  Flanges OB11769.5
Ontario Fittings OA11770.5
  Flanges OB11769.5
Quebec Fittings OA11770.56
  Flanges OB11769.5
Nova Scotia Fittings OA1140.9
  Flanges OB1138.9
New Brunswick Fittings OA1140.9
  Flanges OB1138.9
PEI Fittings OA1140.9
  Flanges OB1138.9
Newfoundland Flanges OB1138.9
Yukon Fittings OA1140.9
  Flanges OB1138.9
Northwest Fittings OA1140.9
Territories Flanges OB1138.9
Nunavut Fittings OA1140.9
British Fittings Registration number not required
Columbia Flanges Registration number not required

ISO Certification

PED Compliant

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